360 X-Press: SUPERGHOST’s Games of 2008


Another banner year has come and gone in Xbox 360 land, and just when you think they have peaked, the 360 comes on stronger than ever!  Now it is 2009 and it is once again shaping up to be another great year for the 360 and next-gen gaming.  But this post is to look back at the year that was.  So without further ado, here are my picks for my most exciting games of the past year:

  • Burnout Paradise: A great racer which sucked the hours away!  BP grew as the year did and looks to continue that trend in 2009.  Crashing never felt so good.
  • Condemned 2 – Bloodshot: Can anyone out perform Monolith in the first-person combat genre?  If someone can I would like to see it.  Condemned solidified itself as my favourite horror franchise with a strong sequel in 2008.  The third part in this awesome story will surely be a doozy.  I can’t wait!
  • Grand Theft Auto IV:  An amazing continuation for video games standout franchise.  GTA IV’s open world, story, and graphic fidelity will wow you like few other games are capable of.  No Game of the Year list could possibly leave this to far from the top.
  • Too Human:  I love this game.  The Loot n’ Slash gameplay will keep you engaged long after bedtime.  I really enjoyed the story and the ending makes me crave the next chapter in the Too Human trilogy.
  • NHL 09:  The best sports game franchise on the planet actually got even better this year!  This fall had me play over 100 games of hockey and I look forward to more in the new year.
  • Gears of War 2:  Epic took their franchise to the next level with part 2.  So much was brought to the table for this game that it is too much to list here.  An instant classic.
  • Fable 2:  The most fun you can have in a RPG.  The accessibility and variety of this game sets it in a class by itself.  2008 was a great year for sequels, Fable 2 may be the most improved and that is saying a lot because I was a huge fan of the original.
  • Left 4 Dead:  All I will say for this game is: Zombies, run, shoot, repeat, awesome!  Even with this ‘simple’ description, this game would be a strong pick for me as an overall game of the year just on its quality and playability.
  • Fallout 3:  This RPG will own you like no other since Oblivion.  Once you get sucked in to this world, good like getting out.  I hope you enjoy the D.C. wasteland.

Whew!  That is a lot of top-shelf games!  Now there were a lot of great Arcade, community games, and DLC from the last year as well, but I will leave that to be picked by others.  For now I will try to pick up the blogging from my December lapse and bring you more of the ‘Ghost’s perspective.  Stay Frosty!

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2 Responses to 360 X-Press: SUPERGHOST’s Games of 2008

  1. I says:

    I agree, what a great year for gaming! Can’t wait to see where 2009 takes us!

  2. Aaron says:

    Need a break from 08. Holy carp here comes F.E.A.R 2, RE 5 and Halo Wars…..so much for the break

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