Mission Accomplished: Fable II



The Hero of Skill
You were there when the Hero of Skill was recruited

Gamerscore = 100

Well this goes to show you how far behind I am in blogging.  Last weekend I was able to complete the main story in Fable II.  Usually I describe the last achievement in my post, but to steer clear of a possible spoiler I have included the second to last achievement (which happens to be worth a significant amount more in Gamerscore).

Fable II is a great RPG with a lots of gameplay variety.  I know for sure I will be going back to this game over and over again over the next couple of years.  I have already started my next adventure.  My new role: An evil lesbian! 

We also have some DLC coming out in short order which will also open up a few more achievements.  Perhaps Fable may grow in the same way that Burnout Paradise has.  And to top everything off, Fable II may be made available to download the full game over Xbox LIVE.  That would be cool indeed!




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1 Response to Mission Accomplished: Fable II

  1. Aaron says:

    DLC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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