360 X-Press: Skoolz Out Edition

This afternoon I finally completed my latest in a long line of insurance courses.  I have been pretty busy with studying and such the last couple of weeks so my blogging production has slowed or has been token entries.  Now with that out of the way for the next several weeks I am looking forward to gaming and blogging, old-skool-like, know what I am sayin?  Here is a little catching up from yours truly:


The Xbox Domain:  Another reason my posts have tailed of recently as I have been contributing to The Xbox Domain, a great little Xbox news and community site.  If you haven’t been there yet, come over and have a look and leave a comment or two.  So if you are a fan of the SUPERGHOST, you never know what cool Xbox 360 nugget I come up with over there!


Left 4 Dead:  Certainly, L4D has proven itself to be the little game that could.  I love the fact that in a little over an hour or so you can complete a campaign.  There are four campaigns in all for now, so while the game may appear to be small, it really isn’t because it is different every time you play. You can keep going back to this one over and over.  Last night we played some versus multiplayer and had a real blast!  Could Valve do the unthinkable and have back-to-back ‘Game of the Year’ crowns?  Portal stole peoples hearts and minds last year, L4D could possibly do the same.


RPG’s:  A few months back I did a post how 2008 was the year of the RPG (for me in particular).  This fact has seriously caught up with me.  I have been playing Fable 2 a considerable amount, but because of the variety of gameplay, I have not progressed to fast in the main story.  I had purchased Fallout 3 at launch, but have yet to even place the disk in the 360 yet.  I am waiting for Christmas holidays to sink my teeth into that one.  I can’t wait!  Also on my need play list is Penny Arcade: Episode 2.  I may get into that over Christmas as well.  Lots o’ gaming to do here!

glenda_gilson_and_roberta_rowat_xbox_360 Happy Birthday 360:  In all the studying I was doing the past couple of weeks, the Xbox 360’s 3rd birthday completely eluded me.  I really can’t believe it has been three years since the system came out!  I can say though that it has been a great 3 years of gaming.  People may have thought that the system would have petered out, but system has far-and-away the greatest line-up of games ever, awesome DLC, and even picks up some great Xbox games of old through backwards compatibility!  With NXE and the 2009 lineup of games, 360 shows no signs at all of slowing down.  Xbox 360, I hug it!

Now to close out the post, lets go wit a few one-liners:

  • Played Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 the other night. It still rocks and is highly under-appreciated as a shooter in the 360 crowd (IMO)
  • Future posts may see me taking a trip back in time on the 360 (I may have a date with Joanna Dark)
  • NHL 09, while I may have slowed down, you may want to keep an eye out for my next Sporto Reporto
  • I really like the Fable 2 and Forza 2 premium themes.
  • I have 6 faceplates.  Just goes to show you I buy everything
  • Trying to get back to a little Tomb Raider Anniversary (seeing as I own it twice)

And with that I think I will call it a night. Stay frosty!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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1 Response to 360 X-Press: Skoolz Out Edition

  1. Aaron says:

    Well now that your done with that post go finish PDZ 3 years later ……lol

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