Gears of War 2: The Pre-Launch Wait


Gamers across North America and around the world are are on pins and needles as I write this.   We are (depending on your time zone) mere hours away from one of Xbox 360’s and video gaming’s biggest launches of this generation, Gears of War 2.  Gears of War set the bar and the tone for its inevitable sequel, and Microsoft has turned the hype machine up to ’11’ to make sure no gamer is left behind.  20,000 retailers are stocked to the gills waiting for the lines of C.O.G.s (Crazed Order of Gearheads) to enter their store, purchase their prize, and head home for a curb-stomping good time.

Perhaps though for whatever reason, be it school, work, parents, stores in your area not participating, and so on, you are unable to make the midnight launch and have to wait all those extra hours.  What is a good C.O.G. to do?  Well SUPERGHOST here as a few suggestions to help pass the time before the Locust horde is at your front door:

  • Give Gears of War the send off it deserves!: Gears of War 2 will be out in the wild, so there will now be fewer reasons to plug that original title back into you machine.  So give Gears some good loving before tomorrow, I suggest with a friend in the co-op campaign.  Give RAAM a good ‘what’s for’ before Scourge becomes your new daddy.
  • Marketplace Gears of War 2 videos: There are plenty of excellent videos available on the Marketplace to build up that hype while you wait.  While they may create an insatiable appetite, it is probably the next best thing to being there at the moment.
  • Play all those other great games you just bought: I know for myself a lot of the games that I just recently purchased and am playing daily will be seeing a lot more of the shelf in the upcoming weeks.  So my suggestion to you is that tonight play your Fallout 3, Fable 2, NHL 09, or whatever game is in your drive at the moment and enjoy it because you may find a little dust settled the next time you reach for them.
  • The Xbox Domain Forums: Come on in and leave a post about how excited you are for this blockbuster!


As for myself, I will be heading out the door in a few hours into the cold (and I do mean cold, presently -4 degrees Celsius to be exact) and waiting outside my local ‘big-box’ electronics store to score my Limited Edition copy of Gears of War 2.  My Zune will be in tow, providing me with podcast and gaming entertainment.  I am also looking to collect some cool ‘chotchkies’ with my purchase that go along to promote such game releases.  So if you are heading out please travel safely and respect your fellow gamer, and if your are staying in, enjoy the warmth and glow of your monitor or TV and get your rest.  Gears of War 2 is coming to own your free time.




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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