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Classic Xbox: Amped 2

I was watching some extreme sports channel this morning when I ran across a snowboarding show.  Well watching a few minutes gave me the idea to actual dig out my copy of Amped 2 from my Xbox collection.  Fortunately, Amped … Continue reading

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360 X-Press: Today’s Edition

Home from work and just one more day until the weekend!  Right now I am perusing the internets and seeing a lot of interesting things.  So instead of a string of short posts I will lump them all together and … Continue reading

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Pre-Order Day

I finally got around to pre-ordering these titles today:   Left 4 Dead          Gears of War 2       Call of Duty: World at War     Lump those in with Fable 2 and Fallout … Continue reading

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MK vs DC and Dead Space: I Still Want!

With the gaming madness of the past couple of months as well as the months leading up to Christmas, there have been a lot of games that I have had to put on the shelf.  I know I have been … Continue reading

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End War Demo Impressions

I received my beta key the other day so I could get some early game time with the latest entry to the Clancy-verse of games, End War.  Now I have ben a huge fan of the Tom Clancy games on … Continue reading

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SG’s Liberty City Stories: Don’t Drink and Drive With Roman

It has been fun the last week rediscovering GTA IV.  The city in this game is amazing.  It feels like almost anything can happen.  Here is one example of one of my crazy Liberty City stories! The other night I … Continue reading

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Halo Highlight Reel: You Can Haz Recon!

The long-awaited Bungie-bomb finally landed at this years TGS with the official announcement  of Halo 3: Recon.  Now I don’t think H3R will be your typical commercial release.  With the additional achievements sitting on Halo 3 right now, that indicates … Continue reading

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