Countdown to Gears of War 2: 8 More Sleeps!


Time to turn the hype-meter up to 11!!!  In the middle of the perfect storm of 360 titles in 2008 comes (for me) the most anticipated title of the year, Gears of War 2!

As of this past week I have limited my media intake on this title to just what appears on the Marketplace.  From what I saw in regards to the creatures that they have added this time around, I think I will have to keep a stock of clean shorts on hand in case of emergency!  They look absolutely evil!

I plan to play the story straight through on day 1 so I can enjoy the fruits of the campaign in all its glory.  From there it will multiplayer mania as I dive into that madness.  Good times! | Gears of War® 2 – Game Detail Page



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