It is a Zombie World After All…

The Zomb-pocolypse is upon us! If there has ever been any doubt that Zombies are taking over the world, look no farther than your Xbox 360.  It seems that a worldwide outbreak is underway, and not only that, it isn’t even restricted to this time period!  As Halloween approaches, the pandemic shows no sign of slowing down.  Lets examine the evidence:

Ground Zero: World War II

nazizombieCould it be this all started during the Second World War?  If we are to examine the latest instalment in the Call of Duty series, we may draw that conclusion, but that is not the only evidence.  Call of Duty: World at War, it has been discovered is sporting a Nazi Zombie Mode once you have completed the single player Campaign!  This mode will allows players to purchase new weapons and build barricades to help you deal with the zombie advance.  Get excited for this new nightmare!

RTCWtow There are other pockets of zombie activity from this time period that you can investigate on your Xbox 360.  The Xbox classic and backwards compatible FPS,  Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War, may possibly what started this outbreak in the very beginning.  Thanks a lot bad Nazi leader who will remain unnamed.  He and his henchmen dabbled in the black arts.  Obviously we can see what they wrought.  Again these WWII opdark zombies are again scene in the 360 strategy game Operation Darkness.  Not only do the zombies take hold, but werewolves and vampires decide to join the party as well.  It almost seem the real bad guys are the undead fighting forces!  Somehow we were able to thwart the zombie advance.  After WWII it appears that the zombie invasion was quelled momentarily, but not for long.

50’s Were Not Such Happy Days…


While it appears that Zombies for the most part are walking, mindless, brain-eating automatons.  For a brief moment in time, be it a mutation, magic, or mysterious occurrence.  A mindful zombie terrorized an entire city with a powerful brain fuelled by the brains of others.  Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse is available on the Xbox Originals tab in your Xbox 360’s game store.  If you want to put yourselves in charge of the zombie horde and have some laughs along the way, this is the path for you.  Things calmed down for a bit.  The US Government kept the secret of the zombie under wraps.  That is until an incident in Central America exploded and ended up ravaging a small mid-western city in present-day America.

Present Day – Zombies are Everywhere!

Everywhere you look you can’t escape them.  The Zombie hordes are everywhere!  What can we do?  My advice…pickup your trusty shotgun and let those zombie bastards have it!  And there will be no shortage of venues on your 360 to stage your own personal zombie war.  Let us quickly run down the best places to wage your war:

Dead rising The ‘Chopping’ Mall:  Frank West, a reporter photographer found himself in the middle of a story of a lifetime!  Dead Rising sees you using anything and everything to make your way through the game, and more importantly, getting out alive!  This game has more zombies than you can shake a stick at!

gta_iv_quarantine_490 What is Going on in Liberty City?: A mysterious outbreak has taken hold of Liberty City!  Grand Theft Auto IV‘s multiplayer landscape is changing worldwide due to the present zombie infection.  Can anything me done to stop it?  Log into the GTA IV adversarial multiplayer and find out what the heck is going on.  Also, click the above link to see how the virus has spread across the globe

left4dead Your Own Backyard: Is there any escape from this relentless wave of undead?  The best way to find out will be for you and your friends to find out when Left 4 Dead arrives later this Fall.  With a demo to arrive before launch we will get our first taste of brains there.  And if you want to see hoe the other half lives, take on your friends in a little Zombie vs Survivor action.  This game has the makings to be one of the greats, so don’t miss out!

re5Half a World Away: Are the viruses engineered by the former Umbrella Corporation related to the outbreaks world-wide? We must look to Africa in March of 2009 for answers as the zombie road show makes a stop for possibly the most anticipated release of this console cycle.  Resident Evil 5 allows you and a friend to dig deep into the mysteries surrounding the T-Virus and umbrella.  Will you be ready for RE5?

ZWs_Logo The City and the ‘Burbs: XBLA will have its share of zombie action for those who may not be able to stomach the above listed carnage.  Zombie Wranglers is probably best described  as Left 4 Dead Lite.  You and up to three otherzombie-board-game friends are charged with cleaning up the zombie apocalypse, one city block at a time.  For those who want to  slow things down a bit the board game, Zombies!!! has just been confirmed for an upcoming release for download on the Marketplace.  Zombies!!! will be perfect for those who enjoy their XBLA board game offerings, but with a little zombie action as well!

Clearly there is no escape from the Xbox 360 zombie outbreak, and I couldn’t be happier!  So this Halloween, no need to watch your Dawn of the Dead’s and read your Walking Dead’s, just look to your TV, dim the lights, and fire up your 360 console!  BRAIINNNSSS!!!!



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  1. Aaron says:

    COD with Zombies… like !

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