360 X-Press: The Fabled Edition

Busy as always, but I thought I would get out a quick post on the goings on this past week.  So without further delay:

technical-difficulties1Xbox Technical Support: For the most part is a joke.  I had a very frustrating past three days dealing with them as it pertained to my newly-referbed Xbox 360 Elite.  Now I don’t hold any of the agents personally responsible, they have no real knowledge, all they can do is read from the screen.  Between that and the language barrier it is often an exercise in futility.  It would have made a world of difference had they applied the licence to the new Xbox like they were supposed to.  They just gave me a huge headache.  I wish there was a way to contact somebody to air my grief’s in a constructive manner with somebody who would listen, understand, and act.  Now it isn’t al bad, I have had good experiences, but they do need to get their shit together.


Fable II: So far looks like a winner.  Improving on everything from the previous version and then cramming the game full of other goodness.  It will be a while before I see the end of this one!  What I love about Fable II is the MMO-esque feel you get by being able to see all the other LIVE gamers floating around your world.  Not only can you see them you can speak with them and also exchange gifts!  Reminds me of what Test Drive Unlimited did with their open world racer.  Other great editions are the Dog, expressions, co-op, and the revamped control scheme.


Portal – Still Alive: I picked up Portal on XBLA this past week and got to spend a little time with it.  Still funny and creepy as ever!  I look forward to chipping away at this game over the next few weeks!  Again, if you haven’t tried the game, at least DL the demo.  It does weigh in at over half-a-gig though so you may want to give yourself a little time.

And that is the best, now here is the rest:

  • Zombies to invade a city other than Raccoon City?  You might want to watch your GTA IV multiplayer this Halloween…
  • Age of Booty looks pretty good, may have to take the plunge
  • The new Gears of War 2 TV ad is available on the Marketplace.  Haunting as always.
  • One of these days my blog will need a facelift, need some time for that!

And that is that, now I got to go study!



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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1 Response to 360 X-Press: The Fabled Edition

  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for reminding me I still need to read The Walking Dead……….

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