360 X-Press: Today’s Edition

Home from work and just one more day until the weekend!  Right now I am perusing the internets and seeing a lot of interesting things.  So instead of a string of short posts I will lump them all together and add the SG spin.  I won’t be posting tomorrow (see ‘Drinking’) so enjoy and see you this weekend!

fable2mcredoneMaster Chief armor in Fable 2:  As a bonus with your limited edition of Fable 2 you receive a code that will plant an available pseudo Master Chief armour and Elite energy sword.  How cool is that?  For me, not so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Master Chief and the Halo franchise, but when I am playing in the Fable universe the last thing I want to happen is for something like this to take me out of it.  Fable is a fantasy game, I want to live that fantasy.  Hyabusa armor…maybe, but the Master Chief’s, keep it.

Bioshock 2 – Sea of Dreams: Check the internets for the teaser trailer of one of my most anticipated sequel/prequal!  Any news of BS2 is good news, no matter where that information came from 😉

Gears of War 2 media blackout:  The more I see the hotter my anticipation gets!  So, from here on in I am entering a media blackout for GoW2 so that I can maximize my awe when the game arrives November 7th!

GTA – San Andrea coming to Xbox Originals: Great news for those who missed it the first time.  Not a bad deal getting the previous best GTA in the series and having it available in the comfort of your own HDD!  I am sure that Hot Coffee will not be included.


Portal – Still Alive to Arrive October 22:  I have been looking for a reason to play this game again, and what better way than with new levels and new achievements!  I implore you that if you somehow missed this game the first time around (see The Orange Box), then do not make the same mistake again. GLaDOS is waiting…


  • Killer Instinct cards for Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise?!?   Jago!!!
  • Listened to the backlog on 1UP.FM about GripShift,  think I might give this game a quick second look
  • Slowly chipping away at GTA IV and FEAR

Whew! A busy day indeed!  But now it is back to gaming tonight and party tomorrow.  Stay frosty!

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One Response to 360 X-Press: Today’s Edition

  1. Aaron says:

    I just dont like the fact that they need to put Halo in the Fable 2 game to bump up some more pre-orders from people who may not have been interested till they heard about the spartan armor and energy sword. Just like DOA 4 the spartan was cool just not needed.

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