End War Demo Impressions

end-war-05-lI received my beta key the other day so I could get some early game time with the latest entry to the Clancy-verse of games, End War.  Now I have ben a huge fan of the Tom Clancy games on both my Xbox and 360, so I was curious to see how they would handle the their first entry in the RTS genre.  Especially because I have a very minimal amount of experience in that space.

This games big hook is that the entire game can be played with voice-only.  From what I could tell the interface worked silky-smooth.  This mechanic is huge for those who find the console controller a poor choice for commanding several things on screen at once and quickly to boot.  The games look was adequate, but nothing to make me take extra notice.  From what I could tell from my short play time that this game will be a great success for RTS fans, and that is probably why I will not be buying this game.

As great as they made this interface, I am not a huge fan of this type of game.  Also, from what I could tell with the demo you cannot chat and play due to this interface.  That is a big down point of this game for me.  The fact I find RTS’s daunting makes me disappointed, especially with my strong desire to play Halo Wars next year.  With all the must-plays this Fall, End War looks to be another game that will not make the cut.  So in conclusion, good game, just not for me thanks.

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