SG’s Liberty City Stories: Don’t Drink and Drive With Roman

niko-and-romanIt has been fun the last week rediscovering GTA IV.  The city in this game is amazing.  It feels like almost anything can happen.  Here is one example of one of my crazy Liberty City stories!

The other night I was playing my game when I got a call from Roman, he wanted to go out drinking.  I wasn’t doing anything special so I decided  to go have some fun!  So I pickup Roman at the safehouse and rive to the Steinway Beer Garden in Dukes.  Well after we get drunk it is my duty to get Roman home safe, unfortunately I can barely walk, never mind drive.  That doesn’t stop me anyway.

So I am crossing the bridge that takes us back to the safehouse, but my erratic driving catches the eye of the cities finest.  I ain’t going down without a fight, so I drive like hell to outrun these rent-a-cops!  My inebriation is too strong on this night, the SUV Roman and I are driving in is starting on fire with all the damage it has taken, so I decided that we should escape on foot before we blow up real good.

4418-gta-iv-screenshot-explosion So we leave the SUV parked in the middle of a busy residential street.  But as we are fleeing on foot…BOOM!  My vehicle explodes!  While I am relatively un harmed, I look around for Roman…I can’t see him.  So I look around the wreckage and I find him crumpled up along the side of the fence, he is injured bad, but he will live.  Now more explosions are going off, it is time to split because now the cops are swarming in.  I am watching chaos on the streets, as the police come to survey the damage they catch on fire and start rolling around in the streets.  The ambulance comes to help, but it too gets caught in the crazy chaotic mess of fire.  In all the distraction I hurry off, avoiding the police and arrest.

After some recovery time I pick up Roman from the hospital.  He has no grudge against me (or perhaps memory of the incident).  So together we are off to find our next adventure!  Remember, anything can happen in Liberty City!

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1 Response to SG’s Liberty City Stories: Don’t Drink and Drive With Roman

  1. Aaron says:

    Drinkin again I see………

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