Halo Highlight Reel: You Can Haz Recon!

a_Halo3_Recon-05-layeredThe long-awaited Bungie-bomb finally landed at this years TGS with the official announcement  of Halo 3: Recon.  Now I don’t think H3R will be your typical commercial release.  With the additional achievements sitting on Halo 3 right now, that indicates to me that the stand-alone expansion will be made available for download as well.  I always say the more Halo, the better.

a_Halo3_Recon-03-layeredObviously our new hero is not the augmented super-soldier of the future, rather he appears to be one of the elite Orbital Drop Shock Troops or ODST (feet first into hell is there motto).  Not being a Spartan I believe will cause our new hero some problems, so I think stealth rather than brute force will be the order of the day.  The picture above reminds me of Splinter Cell when Sam Fisher would use his special vision in order to avoid conflict and perhaps sneak by the enemy.  The only problem here is the wait, Fall 2009 will when we get our hands on Recon.

Bungie.net : Projects : Halo 3 Recon




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