The Sporto Reporto: NHL All-Star Game

AllStarShotI hit the mid point of my ‘Be a Pro’ NHL season last week, and what mid-season would be complete without the NHL All-Star game live from Montreal!  Having a stellar rookie campaign I was invited to the game.  I played on the 4th line as a right-winger in the contest.


Who says ‘No-Hitting’ in an All-Star game?

AllStarGoalAs the game got going it was apparent that the West was best, and good ol’ number 16 here (me) was able to show his quality with a 3-point game (2 goals and 1 assist)!  In the past when I have played seasons in the franchise mode I could really have cared less about All-Star games, but when it is your name on the jersey, and you have earned the spot, then it is an honour to play!  Plus the extra experience points wont hurt either.

NHL 09 once again shines in my eyes with its ‘Be a Pro’ mode.  Next stop for me is to begin my online campaign with my EA Sports Hockey League team, the Canada West Phantoms.  More on that in an upcoming blog.





I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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