gta-iv-gta-raceI as wrote about previously, GTA IV was one of he games that I had that wasn’t getting any play.  This weekend I decided to make amends and pick up where I left off.  According to my game saves it was May 20th when I last played!

Two things, I started my campaign again and I was once again blown away by the scope and detail of this title.  It truly is an amazing accomplishment.  Secondly I was able to take part in the multiplayer portion of this game by getting into some races with my friends.  I forgot how fun the multiplayer could be.  Even if it just to fool around for a while.  Rockstar created an incredible world and crammed it on to one DVD.  If you have not played in a while, be sure to revisit Liberty City, you may fall in love with it all over again!

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2 Responses to GTA…RACE!

  1. Lefty says:

    I have a strange relationship with GTA games. For a start I’d never played one before IV, but then I, as you, was blown away by the scope.I spent a good few days just mucking about, exploring, nicking cars, doing stunt jumps, getting into trouble, etc…Sandbox games are great. Huge, open, liberating… boring? After a while I felt I really actually needed something to do. I craved a purpose in my life. I wanted to be a man with a mission.
    But I wonder if that says more about me than anything about the game…?
    I’ve played through the single player game and am now on the last mission. But it has so many stages with no save points in between that I got frustrated and have put it to the side again…

  2. Aaron says:

    Told ya so …….

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