Mission Accomplished (Again and Again): Too Human

toohuman2_450x360This weekend I finished my third single-player campaign in Too Human.  there is still some achievements I have yet to earn so I still plan on going hard with this game, but just not as hard as I have been.  After 50 hours of gameplay, nearly all campaign based, I think it is time to slow up on that end.

Having put all this great time into playing, I regret not having been able to play as much of the co-op as I could. This is a great game for a couple of buddies to hang-around in, just hackin’ and slashin’ their way through.  Also, if I was to make one complaint about the game as a whole is the lack of Epic drops for me.  After all the time I put in, I have only had two rare drops.  I know the whole point is that they are rare, but a couple of more drops in that amount of time would have made me happier.

All in all Too Human has been a great game for me this Fall. If I was to give one piece of advice to new gamers, be sure to keep up with your charm quests!   You can develop some erie powers with those items.  Now, I just want to hear an announcement for the sequel.

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One Response to Mission Accomplished (Again and Again): Too Human

  1. Aaron says:

    Way to go ! The game just wasnt interesting enough to play more then once for me…….

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