Great Games…No Play

The great thing about owning a 360 is that there is so many great games to play.  The bad thing is finding the time in our busy lives to enjoy them all.  Here I usually write about the great games I have been playing or pining over lately.  This post is about the great game that I have not played in a long time.  It also is looking grim for time to play them, as you know we once again have a killer Fall of great games to enjoy.  Here is but a few of the greats that are slipping through my fingers.

gtaivcinemaGTA IV:  Sadly, I have not played this game in nearly 5 months.  It has nothing to do with the games quality as it is awesome title and a credit to the system.  The game is huge so it demands a serious commitment.  Choices I made at the time of its arrival are more responsible for my departure from Liberty City than anything else.  I will return, as I do want to see it to its conclusion, also we have some major DLC on its way as well.  You know I will be wanting to play that!

cod4 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare:  What more can be said about this game.  Possibly the most influential game of the past 10 months, and most played.  I put some serious time in its first two months it was out.  Since then though I have only touched it once, and that was 7-8 months ago.  I did recently buy the DLC map pack, so who knows.  Maybe there will be some CoD4 multi-player in the future.  What is more likely is CoD:WaW co-op play

Assassins-Creed Assassins’ Creed: One of my most favourite games of 2007.  AC really got into my head, but once it was over it kind of left a gap for me.  In order to fill that gap I feel that I need to once again hit the mean streets of the old world and play this game to its great conclusion once again.  I recently printed off a document which explains the meaning/interpretation of the game-ending ‘graffiti’.  That has only re-ignited my interest.

PGR4Shang Project Gotham Racing 4:  Where Forza 2 took over my racing game time over the past year, PGR4 got left in the dust.  I have made a recent attempt to kick-start my career once again, but it hasn’t taken hold.  I still have the game close by just in case, but this one has been a little tricky to get back into.

WooStyle Halo 3:  More of a ‘Honourable Mention’, I actually have played this game on-and-off over the past year.  The thing is, I probably have not played it as much as I should.  With the possibility of more missions being available by either DLC or packaged, I am sure that more Halo 3 will be in my future.  I am also looking forward to more of the co-op campaign.

There are the most wanted/least played games of my collection.  I am sure there are several XBLA games that could be included as well.  Maybe I will save that for another day.




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2 Responses to Great Games…No Play

  1. Aaron says:

    1. GTA 4….You need to get your ass back to this and stop worrying about these other games you’ve played already.
    2. COD 4 ..Best Multiplayer game on the 360 , we will have to get Jah,Schuey and Tbob together for a night of this.
    3. Assassins Creed ….Great game ,MOVE ON you beat it. Next…..
    4. This one is easy , Buy GRID it will actually make you wanna play it because it "OWNS" PGR……
    5. Halo3 If you wanna play the multi in this fine I understand that. Coop give it a rest you know what happens at the end.
    6.GET READY FOR Fallout, Fable 2, Gears 2,

  2. IAN says:

    I feel very similar its hard to give them the time they deserve.  I am trying to pace myself with the purchases also I cant afford to buy every new release I would like.  I have been trying to push through a lot of my current titles and get my moneys worth, I have cleared up about 845 of the achievement points, I am just left with the flags and there more hassle than there worth.  I agree with Torment once you have finished Assassins Creed there is not a great deal to go back for, GTA4 does deserve the time I recently came back to it after quite a long break turned out I only had 2 missions left LOL.  I really miss Halo 3 but at the mo I am just gearing myself up for Fallout and Fable and they wil probably be my only purchases for the rest of the year. 

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