Halo Highlight Reel: Keep it Clean!

KepItClean1On the 1 year anniversary of Halo 3 hitting store shelves, Bungie has finally dropped the bomb that was meant for this years E3.  The teaser trailer "Keep it Clean" has been making its rounds on the Internet today for what looks like an expansion to the Halo story.  Now Halo story but not necessarily during Halo 3!

Watching the video I couldn’t help but be reminded of the animated Halo 2 side-story short "Another Day at the Beach" which was included on the Halo 2: Multiplayer Map Pack KeepItClean2commercial disc which also included all the DLC at the time for H2.  Go back and check it out, click the link above to recap.  Anyway, watching the video off the start you can see a Covenant warship hovering in the background (look close). Soon you see the ODST dropping to New Mombassa en masse to help thwart the Covenant threat.  Will we finally have the massive battle on earth that we were offered in the original Halo 2 videos?  Will we command a squad of ODST?  What I do know is that you can count SUPERGHOST in to Finish the Fight and Keep it Clean!

Bungie.net : Inside Bungie : News




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