The Sporto Reporto: NHL 09 – Movin’ on Up!

1st NHLWell I am back once again to update my Rookie season in NHL 09‘s ‘Be a Pro’ mode.  My stint in the minors to kick off the season was short lived.  After promoting to the 1st line of the Springfield Falcons and playing 16 games, the powers that be thought a move to the big show was in order.  I did manage 19 goals and 9 assists in my time in the minors. 

1st NHL Goal Next stop, the Edmonton Oilers hockey club!  I quickly made an impact scoring in my first game as a third-line centre with the team.  Again like in Springfield, I have climbed the ranks to play on the 1st line.  14 games into my NHL career I have 11 goals and 11 assists!  The competition is a lot tougher at the NHL level. You are graded a little stiffer on your performance and wins do not come as easy. Right now my Oilers are hovering around the 8th playoff spot (as they often do in real life) so every game is important.

Now with a few games under my belt I see more how my role is developing.  Being a power forward I use my body a lot, also being on the front line I find feeding my wingers the puck has brought me more success as of late.  The calendar now shows me it is December 17 and my hated rival, the Vancouver Canucks are up next.  They are 1 point ahead of me in the standings so this game is huge!  That is all for now, see you next time with more from NHL 09.





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1 Response to The Sporto Reporto: NHL 09 – Movin’ on Up!

  1. Aaron says:

    I hope nobody tell your coach that your were out late last night past your curfue boozing it up again…… 

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