Make it Zune

zunepicFrom the beginning, SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House of XBOX has been "All Xbox, All the Time".  Now I feel it may be time to branch off into some additional related territory.

A few weeks back I picked up an 80gig Zune.  I was a little unsure about my purchase initially as I already had a fully-functioning MP3 player.  I stuck with my Zune and it quickly grew on me to the point where I realized I made the right move.  I really enjoy my Zune and I would recommend it to all!  The feature list is growing, the word is spreading, and so is the user base.

So from time to time I will be posting on the Zune, be it new news and features, or just my experiences with the device.  Check back for more on the Zune as well as your regular dose of Xbox goodness. | Home



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2 Responses to Make it Zune

  1. Kevin says:

    I’ve had my Zune for a couple of years now and I love it.  Yesterday was the release of 3.0 and what an upgrade.  I like how the badges are now permanent instead of static so I have 41 artists and albums that are "bronze" and I’m just a few hundred listens away from my first silver badge  :p
    My Zune tag and my Gamertag are the same so when you add friends they show up on both tags. . . so that’s the only drawback I’ve encountered so far. . .  but if everyone who had a Zune had a 360 and vice-versa then it would be great!

  2. Aaron says:

    You think you could get Jay’s # for me…

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