The Sporto Reporto: NHL 09 – Being a Pro

NHL091stgoalproWell, I am two days in to my career in the ‘Be a Pro’ mode, arguably the most exciting feature in NHL 09, and already I am hopelessly addicted.  I did not expect anything else.  As a fan EA’s previous two efforts I was excited for the new addition.  And while previously the game kicked ass playing against human opponents, playing Dynasties became more of a chore, especially 40-50 games into a season.

falconsWith the advent of the ‘Be a Pro’ mode, you are now where all the  focus lies from your perspective, but that doesn’t mean you are the whole show, you are a part of a team.  One must play there role, if you step outside of being a team player you will develop poorly and catch the ire of your coach.  Play well, and you will find yourself climbing the ladder of the organization and take your career to new heights!

Celebration Myself, I have started my rookie career with the Springfield Falcons, the Edmonton Oilers farm club in the AHL.  I am progressing quite well.  About 12 games into my rookie campaign my team is a couple of games over .500 and I am hovering near the top of the league in scoring.  I have also worked my way up to the 1st line.  My biggest problem so far is that I have got into a fair amount of penalty trouble, I guess that goes with my role as a power forward.  I feel I am getting closer to the show, gotta keep working!

Wow!  NHL 09 is delivering on all its promises.  I love the fact I can take personal screenshots and videos, I am also looking extremely forward to my online career with The Sports Anomaly’s Money Hats.  I will continue to update my career and play as the season goes on.  See you on the ice!





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One Response to The Sporto Reporto: NHL 09 – Being a Pro

  1. Aaron says:

    Sounds great , do enjoy !

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