The Sporto Reporto: NHL 09 Demo Impressions


NHL 09 will be on store shelves in just three more days, but while we are waiting we can still bone up on our skills with the demo EA has provided on the Marketplace.  The one noticeable thing for me is that there is not too much different to be found on the gameplay front as compared to the ’08 edition.  That is a good thing as NHL 08 was the best hockey game ever created to that point.  There is some new techniques that I have yet to grasp, the graphics may have gained a slight polish, and they have reworked the line changes and tactics selection.  Those would be the most significant changes I have observed, all appear to be subtle improvements.

The biggest edition for this season is the ‘Be a Pro’ mode where you step in to a career as ‘yourself’ and play till you can play no more.  The demo has a quick demo for what the on-ice potion of that mode will be like.  That may take the most adjustment, but at the same time may be the most fun part of a sports game to date!  Once I become a ‘Pro’, I will let you know how my career progresses.  I am thinking of becoming a defenseman…

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2 Responses to The Sporto Reporto: NHL 09 Demo Impressions

  1. Aaron says:

    Wayne G’s Hockey on the N64 was the greatest of all time……

  2. Aaron says:

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