The Sporto Reporto – Golf: Tee It Up!

Golf_TIU_03I am not sure if it was the ‘Inside XBOX’ video that I watched or just the itch to play a simple golf game, but for some reason this week I decided that I had to own Golf: Tee It Up! from the Xbox LIVE Arcade.  Surprisingly, Golf: TIU is a good little golf game for the casual set.  But don’t let the ‘casual’ remark fool you.  This game has a pretty good level of challenge.  You won’t be a ‘Tiger’ in this game too quickly.


Hole In One!:
Hit the ball in the hole with one stroke

Gamerscore = 30   Acquired 26/8/2008

I have been away from video golf since Links 2004 of the Xbox, so it feels pretty good to get back on the greens.  But like real golf, frustration can set in quick.  If you have this game, send me an invite over LIVE so we can tee it up! | Golf: Tee It Up! – Game Detail Page



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1 Response to The Sporto Reporto – Golf: Tee It Up!

  1. Aaron says:

    Double Bogey !

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