Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise


When I first heard about this game I was excited, but with how the Fall was starting to shape up I quickly dismissed this game as one that I could deem expendable.  I also thought I could get more of the first one out of the way, but that game too fell to the time bug.  Recent news has put this game firmly back in my sites, so once again it looks like it is back to Piñata Island…

viva-pinata-tip-ryans-hootyfruity-card Co-op gameplay for me is probably the most important feature in today’s games.  What I found lacking in the first VP was no multi-player, it was a very solitude experience.  Now while in some ways that is good, it can make for a pretty lonely time.  Fast forward to TiP and not only have they included co-op, but for 4-players as well!  I will definitely take another shot at creating a garden with a little help from my friends, after all who enjoys working by themselves?  Also for the score-whore in your group, there will also be leaderboards to compete in.  My how Viva Piñata has grown!

Other cool features such as Piñata-vision. You can scan cards or images on your Zune/iPod such as the one above with your Vision Camera and then they appear in your garden!  You can also now take pictures in the game and have them sent to a website which will recognize which animals are on display and categorize them automatically for easy searching.

So with all the improvements Rare has made to the original game, plus a low price-point of $40, how can one resist?  See you in my garden! | Viva Piñata™: Trouble in Paradise – Splash Page




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2 Responses to Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

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