The Sporto Reporto: NHL 2K9 Demo Impressions

NHL2K92K Sports released a demo for NHL 2K9 this week on the 360 so I thought I would give it a quick spin as I have been away from the 2K series of hockey games for sometime.  After a quick play of the demo I came back quite impressed.  The graphics were very clean  and the game ran smooth.  The button lay-out was quick to grasp and the hitting felt solid, like you were delivering a deep impact!  In fact it seems that 2K may have recaptured some of the fun that went away from their game in the past my , from what I hear, overcomplicating the control.  With Visual Concepts taking over development, you know

I think that this games biggest problem is that its competition is leaps and bounds better in nearly every category.  The only place that I can see 2K9 gaining ground is in accessibility. EA’s NHL 09 seems to be adding more to do during the play where as NHL 2K9 is going back to basics.

For me, it is a no-brainer to buy EA’s product.  It is good to see that 2K is picking up their game, perhaps they can gain some ground on the competition.  Competition breeds success after all (see what has happened to video game football to see the counter example).




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3 Responses to The Sporto Reporto: NHL 2K9 Demo Impressions

  1. Sean R. says:

    I’d love to try out the demo but I haven’t gotten my replacement unit back yet.  I think I’m sticking with last year’s EA offering though.   I might actually make Tiger my sports game this fall.  Never tried one before.

  2. Aaron says:

    Wayne Gretzky’s on the N

  3. Aaron says:

    ….on the N64 is still my fave .

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