Achievement Milestone: 1,500 Strong!

braidSolved World 3

Gamerscore = 15   Acquired 15/8/2008


Another milestone on the Gamerscore front.  This past Friday I unlocked my 1,500th Achievement!  The milestone-breaker can be seen above.  I earned it playing the latest XBLA and games media darling, Braid.  While I won’t go much into Braid at this time, I will say that with it’s uniqueness in storytelling and gameplay, I can see why it is getting it’s accolades.  Now if someone could just explain to me what is going on?

What’s next for milestones?  Coming soon will be 35,000 points. Eventually I look forward to eclipsing the 2,000 mark for achievements.  With the games coming out this Fall, I think I will get a good start! | Achievements – Achievement Details



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2 Responses to Achievement Milestone: 1,500 Strong!

  1. Christian says:

    Braid, big game! Easy compleate levels, but the puzzles require a lot of brain and especially dedication! A little, the game, can not remember Super Mario (castles at the end of levels, the princess that there has never and so on …)?

  2. Aaron says:

    Big Ups Yo !

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