Life Imitates Art…

grpicHere is an excerpt from the game manual for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon for the original Xbox which was released in the Fall of 2002:

"The year is 2008 and the world teeters on the brink of war.  Radical Ultranationalists have seized power in Moscow – their goal, the reestablishment of the old Soviet empire.  Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan – one by one the nearby independent republics slip back into the Russian orbit.  Russian tanks sit in the Caucasus Mountains an the Baltic forests, poised to strike to the south and east.  the world holds its breath, and waits.

For one small group of elite soldiers, the war has already begun: U.S. Special Forces Group 5, First Battalion, D Company.  Deployed on peacekeeping duty to the republic of Georgia in the Caucasus, this handful of Green Berets represents the very tip of the spear – the first line of defence. Equipped with the latest battlefield technology, and trained in the latest techniques of covert warfare, they strike – swiftly, silently, invisibly.

They call themselves ‘The Ghosts’"

Hmmm… This is earily similar to what has been going on in that part of the world at this very moment.  Here is a recent headline from the BBC:

BBC NEWS | Europe | US forces to deliver Georgia aid

Something tells me they are not sending in the ‘Ghosts’.  I hope Sam Fisher did not have anything to percipitate this from his visit to the region back in 2004! (see Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell for details)  I sure hope Tom Clancy’s EndWar does not come true.



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2 Responses to Life Imitates Art…

  1. Aaron says:

    Its to  hot down south anyway…What you said Georgia… right ?

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