Mission Acomplished (Again): Bioshock



Little Sister Savior:
The player has completed the game without harvesting any Little Sisters

Gamerscore = 100   Acquired 9/8/2008

While on vacation the last couple of weeks I made some gaming goals to acomplish since I would not be travelling.  One of the longer shots for me was to be able to complete my second playthrough of Bioshock because: a) The game is great and needed a second viewing, b) I needed to see the ‘good’ ending, and c) Get some missing achievements!

Playing through again was totally worth it.  Knowing how the game went down I was able to pick up on a lot more of the clues that were easy to miss the first time through.  Also the game is drop-dead gorgeous and is rife with atmosphere.  There are very few games that can make you feel that ‘you are there’ the way that Bioshock does.  I also was able to unlock 8 more achievements for a total of 265 gamerscore.  Not to shabby for a second playthrough.

I want to go back to visit this world.  Be it the upcomming movie project, the sequal/prequal, or maybe even to collect the last few available achievements in Rapture.  Either way, I am far from seeing the last of this story.




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3 Responses to Mission Acomplished (Again): Bioshock

  1. Aaron says:

    "Scaby on my knee"

  2. IAN says:

    I loved this game, I went through for a second time a few months a go, hardest setting without using a vita chamber, was welll happy with myself.  Great story and very scary.  I would love to go through it again when I get chance just to get a few achievements which I have missed.  I loved system shock 2 and would love to see that turn up on xbla, no its not very likely but I can wish.

  3. Patrick says:

    I may ave to take a stab at the last two achievements myself!

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