RPG: A Personal History, and Why 2008 is the Year of the RPG (Part II)

Oblivion-outdoors1 After many false starts and games passed, this year I have finally come back to the RPG.  After purchasing Mass Effect in late ’07, I realized that I was yet to complete the most western of western RPG’s, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  So starting the year of the RPG (2008), I made it my mission to at least complete the main storyline.  I finally did so, but it doing that I know I still have much, much more to do there.  Specifically the Shivering Isles expansion.  From there I moved on to Bioware’s new IP, Mass Effect.  It took a few months of here and there play which added up to approximately 55 hours.  All those hours were well worth it asmass-effect this game captured my imagination like few others before it had.   As much of a work of art as games today can be.  Not only was this game designed with the ‘western’ underpinnings, it was also created in Canada.


penny_arcade_episode1_screenshot1_bmp The last two I have recently blogged about.  Penny Arcade Episode 1 was a nice and quick RPG available for download in the Marketplace.  A lot of fun and laughs as well as a seriously good RPG to boot.  If you want to know what the combat in Grandia II was like, this game would give you a strong indication of what it was all about.  Three more episodes are to follow, and I am looking forward to each one.  I have also started recently on Fable: The Lost Chapters, playing this via the backwards compatibility of my 360.   I have sunk about 14 hours back into it and I am truly wowed by this game all over again.  There are so many possibilitiesfable, I may have to play this game a second or third time!

Now if that was just it I could say it has been quite a year for RPG, but it is not even close.  In the last part of my RPG roundup, I will discuss what the rest of the year will have in store, and it is going to be awesome!

*Continued in Part III




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One Response to RPG: A Personal History, and Why 2008 is the Year of the RPG (Part II)

  1. Aaron says:

    Just finish Fable already………

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