Too Human: Demo Impressions

TooHuman2First off, I would like to inform all the trolls and haters to go back to their caves. I hate to break it to you but Too Human is not only good, but it is  great! (not that the trolls and haters would be reading my blog anyway.)

Though the demo has been out for a while now, I have only recently been able to get some real playtime with the demo.  I have had 3 solid playthroughs thus far (about an hour each), here is how they went down.  First time everything felt very foreign.  There is a lot to this game, and at first it can be quite daunting.  I did come away from it very impressed, even if I did not know quite what I was doing.  I did know from the start that the game and myself will get along swimmingly!

TooHumanMy first playthrough I took the balanced ‘Champion’ class.  It was enjoyable, and I am usually all about the balanced character.  For my second trip I tried the ‘Berserker’ class.  I found that the second time around I started to get into a groove.  Pulling off more moves with greater ease as well as better understanding of all the mechanics this game has to offer.

Third time truly was the charm for me.  My knowledge of advanced combat tactics increased as well as better understanding of the equipment.  I am still a little rusty on the skill tree and alignments, but I am confident that with time they will become clear as well.  The final test of skill came in the special room where you are allotted so much time to kill all the forces in the room.  My first trip there I wasn’t even close.  This time I had it done with 10 seconds to spare!  Awesome lot was my reward.

I am glad that we have this demo, it really is a great way to show those who doubted this game, just what it can and will offer.  My only problem is that I got so into the demo that I am craving the final product more than ever!  August 19th can’t get here soon enough.




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2 Responses to Too Human: Demo Impressions

  1. Lefty says:

    At last a game I can comment on! Sorry, but I could never get into sports games… too much team work for a lone wolf like me!
    After your review of the demo it looks like I’m going to be taking a closer look at this game too. Been interested in it but wanted to wait to see what a real person said about it.I like a good story and I’ve got a bit of a scandinavian connection so I’m looking forward to learning more of that too.I’ll download the demo and give it a go. Thanks for the info!

  2. Aaron says:

    Ill be your Champion any time  😉

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