Gears of War 2: Locust Kantus


The ‘Roadie Run’ continues.  This time we have a quick look at one of the new Locust, Kantus.

"These prophet-like creatures pulsate low droning chants that can be focused into sonic attacks. They usually lurk in the backdrop of enemy ranks, carrying weapons such as the Gorgon Pistol and Poison Grenades. The real threat with these demons is that they can revive fallen comrades, which makes advancing through enemy lines an even more difficult task. This new breed of Locust will be featured in Gears of War 2."

*Excerpt from Gears of War NeoWiki





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3 Responses to Gears of War 2: Locust Kantus

  1. Lefty says:

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!So looking forward to GOW2. Horde on co-op. 2-on-2 on 2-on-2 deathmatches, gas grenades and booby traps.Ta very much for the Wiki link. I get most of my news from Gamesradar but I’m now going to be spending the best part of my working day reading through the Wikipedia site!

  2. Brad says:

    I love this character, and I can’t believe you’ll be able to play as "him" in Gears 2. I know he’s unlockable for multiplayer, but Cliffy didn’t specify how to do it. That’s okay though, I’m sure he’s worth the wait!

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