Classic XBOX: Fable – The Lost Chapters


Previously in my blog I touched on the fact that I would be revisiting early 360 games as well as classic Xbox titles as well.  In this first instalment of Classic XBOX I will look at one of the system’s all-time great titles, Fable, or rather its expanded edition The Lost Chapters.  But instead of just a quick look, since I have started playing from scratch, I will be coming back over the weeks to discuss my comings and goings in Fable:TLC and report back.  Also in this space I may, time permitting, join in 1UP.FM’s ‘Backlog’ segment as they delve into Psyconauts.  Stay tuned for that.

fable Knowing that Fable 2 was a game that was going to be a big deal this Fall, I really wanted to complete my original Fable adventure.  I got very close my first time through the game, but somehow along the way I became distracted and lost touch with the game.  Since that time I had a few false start with the game but never enough that I continued.  This time is different.  Since Fable 2 has been announced for an October release window, now is the time to get into the Fable groove in advance.  Friday night I plugged it in and played until I completed my training at the Guild.  You could zoom through it, but the through gamer in me did all I can there.  Now 1.5 hours in I will be off to kill a giant wasp!  Wish me luck.

So I finally got a start back. With some vacation coming up for me I will hopefully be able to slice off a huge chunk of The Lost Chapters.



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