Mirror’s Edge


I originally became aware of this title over at No1MechWarrior‘s blog a few weeks back.  Now as E3 approaches this is one of the games that I want to see more of the most.  Mirror’s Edge is an FPS with a significant twist.  Your object is to run like hell rather than stand and fight.  Being a gaming coward, this will suit me just fine 😉

While I am not posting it up here, if click on the above link to ‘MechWarrior’s blog you can watch a video of the game in action, it is something like you have never seen before in gaming.  In a way it reminds me of Condemned 2‘s perspective, but running full out at high speeds is a bright and vibrant environment (with a lot less bum-fights).

So this week when you are looking at the games of E3, be sure to take a little extra time for a game that should be on more people’s radar, Mirror’s Edge.




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2 Responses to Mirror’s Edge

  1. Debbie says:

    It looks really cool, doesn’t it? The trailler was not so fun, but I am waiting for more info on Mirror’s Edge.

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