Fallout 3

I am not one much for posting ‘news’, but new Fallout 3 info is gold.  Here are the latest screenshots as well a link to  Bethesda’s Fan Interview #2.  Here is also a brief rundown from Xbox 360 Fanboy:


  • Armor sets come in two pieces, body and head
  • Inventory limit is based on weight
  • F3b

  • Children and essential NPC’s are unkillable
  • Good/Evil karma system relating to in-game choices
  • Crimes committed against specific groups are known to all in the group throughout the game world
  • F3c

  • NPC’s navigate via a mesh instead of via a point to point system like in Oblivion and Morrowind
  • Like Oblivion the game uses a skill list and those skills determine maximum possible effectiveness in battle
  • SG



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