The Soul Still Burns

kilikIt is hard to believe that it has been nearly 9 years since Soul-Caliber launched along side the ill-fated but masterful Dreamcast console (Sega’s last foray into the hardware market).  SC was an instant classic and arguably the best game on the system.  Even today its graphics still holdup very well nearly 2 generations of hardware later.  That is truely a testement to the power of the Dreamcast system as well as the developers at Namco.  We spent many an evening waging weapons-based battles on our DC!

scToday, as a lead-up to the launch of the highly-anticipated Soul-Caliber IV, Namco Bandai (as the company is now known) have released the DC version of the game on Xbox Live Arcade.  While the game does not support online play like IV will, It does come with high-res graphics, achievements, leaderboards, and its usual supply of unlockables.  So if your soul still burns for this classic, or you can’t wait for IV, or you just want a top-notch fighter available on your XBLA, download this game, a bargin at 800 MS points!



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One Response to The Soul Still Burns

  1. Aaron says:

    Got mines !

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