Call of Duty: World at War


I have ben a big fan of the Call of Duty franchise over the past few years.  Unfortunately Call of Duty 3 was a low point in the franchise.  Game Developer Treyarch lived up to its ‘B’ team status by over-promising and under-delivering with that CoD3 as the game could not hold its own in the face of the previous title in the series Call of Duty 2.

I have been a little gun-shy about Treyarch producing another game in the series, but with the studio apparently having twice as much development time there may be some hope yet.  What has really been making me interested in the new game are two main features:

  • Return to the World War II Theatre: Though we have seen many WWII games in the last several years, for me it is still the most compelling backdrop for a military shooter.  No other time in our history was more pivotal.  Though it is merely a video game, it does open people to the fact that this happened, people died for our freedom, at it was meaningful.
  • Co-op Gameplay: An absolute must in modern day FPS.  Call of Duty 4 was just co-op away from being the perfect game.  It will be interesting to see how the co-op experience will translate into the CoD style.

So where I was in the not interested camp a few days ago, it looks like I will once again getting my hands on some good ol’ bolt-action if you catch my meaning.


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2 Responses to Call of Duty: World at War

  1. Aaron says:

    Im looking Forward to Duty Calls with new online features like 6 player online and new modes like Capture the Flag, plus it my have a new feature were you creat your own character. Now thats a kick in the Bo Sack to COD !

  2. I says:

    I love me some co-op!

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