The Sporto Reporto: NCAA Football 09


I have not played an NCAA product since my Dreamcast days (not even in demo form), but since I have had football on my brain as the Canadian Football League season starts next week, I thought I would give the demo a whirl.

I have been avoiding EA football games for the last 10 years until last fall when I picked up Madden 08.  While not a bad game it still seemed to not have realized its potential.  Fast forward to a new year and a new man at the helm of EA Sports (Peter Moore) who is preaching improved quality and increased accessibility across the board.  From what I can tell early on is that NCAA is exemplifying those traits.

What I liked about the game was its overall look.  The lighting, grass texture, and player animations are well into next-gen territory.  The play-calling has been tweaked making for a more enjoyable experience.  On the negative side the players still feel floaty on the play surface, the announcing crew isn’t doing it for me and they can keep all the cheerleaders and mascots (except for laughs, see the Mascot Mashup).

Ultimately I don’t think I would buy this game as I don’t know anyone who plays this game and I am not big on U.S. College ball.  On the other hand it is making me think twice on Madden for this year.



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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1 Response to The Sporto Reporto: NCAA Football 09

  1. Aaron says:

    college ball SUCKS. The demo plays pretty damn good . 2K sports need to learn a lesson if they wanna make a come back……but im sticking with Tiger this year

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