360 Rewind: Geometry Wars Retro Evolved

As we start to hit the full stride of summer, game playing and releases ease up a little bit as we make our way out of our basements and into the sunlight.  As I am probably not going to be playing much new in the next couple of months I thought it would be a good time to start to reach back to the early days of the 360 and discuss the games that were.  In this instalment we will take a look back at what was the first darling of the Xbox 360.


Geometry Wars Retro Evolved was available day-one via the Xbox’s new look Xbox Live Arcade, where demos and games could be downloaded to your Hard Drive.  GeoWars, a quirky twin-sticks shooter,  quickly became a fan favourite for its graphical styling and twitch gameplay that was never the same way twice.  The game which was developed as a side project from one of the developers at Bizarre Creations in order to test controller response became an easter-egg game within the Xbox game, Project Gotham Racing 2.

The original Geometry Wars proved so popular that when the Xbox 360 launched in late 2005 with the new Bizarre racing title, PGR3, Geometry Wars got the next-gen treatment that it deserved and became the game that people would show the High-Def visuals of their TV due to its bright colours and busy playfield.  Old school gamers competed for the high-score as it could be seen around he world within the games leaderboards, so if you were at the top of the mountain, everybody knew.  At the time of this post, the top score is 500,684,945!  Forget Billy Mitchell…remember the name KiLLer4ToKer20!

For us who are less capable of twitch gameplay, GW was a very challenging game.  I have still yet to crack 500,000, but I know that with practice and perseverance, I could be successful at this game.  I think that is one of the big draws, that you can always be better by playing it more.  GW will always be a great game for a little pick-up-and-play frenetic action.  Those new to the 360 platform should do themselves a favour and take this game for a spin, a free demo is always available.  On a side note, if you would like more Geo Wars action, check your Project Gotham Racing 4 disk for Geometry Wars: Waves which tweaks the original formula but still provides the same thrills!



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2 Responses to 360 Rewind: Geometry Wars Retro Evolved

  1. Aaron says:

    Billy Mitchell is a %@!X?

  2. I says:

    GW is a great little game…very intense for an Arcade game…

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