Mission Accomplished – Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Condemned2_ethanthomasLast night I completed Condemned 2 Bloodshot.  Much like how Condemned: Criminal Origins was the hidden gem in the Xbox 360 launch lineup, C2 flies under the radar but delivers a rock-solid gaming experience.  Condemned has quickly become my favourite survival-horror franchise with its freaky environments, visceral combat, and a deep storyline that begs to be told.

I purchased C2 at launch, but at the time it came out I did not have the drive to play it (even though I had longed for 2 years for it to arrive).  I hit a lull in my GTA IV desires and at the same time I began to feel the itch for Condemned.  Once I started I could not stop, the game kept pushing me to play until last night I met with its conclusion.  Now I wait for part 3, and I am sure we will see it down the road.

Even though I have completed the story, I am not quite done yet.  I started playing again in FPS mode (made available once you complete the game) as well as I would like to snag up a few more achievements.  Those play times will come.  In the meantime I still have a few burning game projects that require my attention.  Also, in keeping with the survival-horror theme of late, I think I will be giving Alone in the Dark its turn next week.



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2 Responses to Mission Accomplished – Condemned 2: Bloodshot

  1. Yulia says:

    C2 was a great sequel to a great game, C3? i think so 😉

  2. Aaron says:

    great game

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