Rumporpaloza: Avatars and Forza 3

What the heck happened today?  The following are rumors as found on Xbox360Fanboy and are very tantalizing indeed:

xboxavatar Mee To Please: While I myself am not sure what to make of all of this, it looks to be on its way.  Here is an excert from Fanboy sister site, Joystiq.

"Avatars", mentioned in an independent survey for Microsoft (as taken by an X3F tipster), will supposedly be used in place of gamer pictures, and will give Xbox Live subscribers an animated, customizable online persona. The meager amount of information provided for the service claims it will be available "this holiday for all Xbox Live connected members", and "this Spring for all new console owners."

This may be cool, but honestly I don’t really care much for the idea.  Will have to wait and see about the exexution.


Forza 3, Bigger, Better, and More Badass:  Now it is no secret that a new Forza is in the works, but if this rumour is true it will be the next greatest racing game, bar none.


  • Two-disk set because of 400+ cars and 100+ tracks
  • Livery system and car customazation taken to the next level
  • Community growth
  • Upgraded simulation and damage system
  • Drag, drift, ovals, point-to-point racing
  • Assists to help rookie drivers

Now I am not too hot about 2-disks for this type of game, perhaps that is why they are considering loading games to your har-drive in the future, hmmm…



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1 Response to Rumporpaloza: Avatars and Forza 3

  1. Aaron says:

    Keep the Mii’s and the 2 Disks. I dont need 15 Skyline’s and 32 Civics, but ill take the 100 plus tracks all on one disk please….

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