The Sporto Reporto: NHL 09

NHL09"Sports Anomaly 62 broke all kinds of news about NHL 09 including an interview with producer David Littman. Not only the longest podcast we’ve ever done, but one of the best!" -Excerpt from

Todd Zuniga’s 1UP Blog

Those in the know realize that NHL 08 was not only the best video hockey game of all time, but possibly the best recreation of a sport-to-video game of all time.  With NHL 09 development in full swing and mere months from release, one must wonder how things could get better.  After listening to Todd’s interview (see above) with David Littman, I was sold on a feature that at first I wasn’t sure about, but in the end it will probably make this my most played sports game ever.

‘Be a Pro’ mode will be introduced into this years version of the franchise.  You will create a player into the look and style that you would want to reflect how you want to play your career.  Once you start your career you begin in the minors (AHL) trying to work your way to the big show.  You will play as ‘you’ and only you your entire career.  Your coach will grade you on how you play, you can experience trades, contract negotiations, etc., just like a real pro.  This will be the RPG for the sports gaming set.  I am very interested in giving this mode a spin!

Many more improvements and surprises are in store.  I will be keeping an eye on this game over the coming months.




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