360 X-Press: Achievement Weekend Edition

For each game I own I like to try to score at least half of the achievement points in them.  For some games it is easy than others, especially of that game has a multi-player component that is achievement heavy.  I don’t want to play every game online so I mostly lose out on those.  This weekend so far I have had a lot of success in ‘achievement’ hunts.  Here is a quick wrap:


I finally got back to Condemned 2 Thursday night, most of the time I spent in the Fight Club working towards my Chain Gang and EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area) achievements (30 and 25 points respectively).  I also was able to finish of the first level in the game.  With that came the Beat Cop achievement worth another 10.  Total for C2 this weekend = 65G_Icon_External

apf2k8 Was able to get my Football fix this weekend to with All-Pro Football 2K8.  I am working my way up the achievement ladder with this game as well.  While I do not expect to earn any multi-player achievements, I will do what I can to earn as many as I can on the single-player side.  Yesterday I scooped up six achievements in APF.  While I may go for more yet today, the weekend total = 85G_Icon_External


After struggling with crappy rooms last night in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 I was able to snag my Spray and Pray (killing 100 adversaries with a Sub-Machine Gun) and Gun Shark (300 MP kills) achievements.  Next up is my Shotgun and 500 kill achievements.  Total for this weekend = 40G_Icon_External

I am closing in on my 31,000 overall gamerscore, I need to find an easy 45 points this weekend to put me over the top!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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