Itagaki: Team Ninja No More


One of the most visible and interesting gaming icons, Tobanobu Itagaki, is leaving Tecmo due to a falling out with its president.  Apparently Itagaki is taking is boss to court over cash that did not make its way to the now former Team Ninja head.  Now I am going to not get into so much the politics here, more on what this announcement means to me. 

Over the years as a gamer, it seems with every great moment or triumph there are also low or disappointing points.  I would definitely at this time classify this as a low point.  I have been a Team Ninja and Itagaki fan for many years now, and with Itagaki off of such future projects as DOA 5, Code Chronus, Ninja Gaiden, etc.  We will be left to wonder what might have been.  The DOA universe is a very interesting place, and as it was Itagaki’s baby, even if Team Ninja soldiers on without him, it will certainly never be the same.  DOA is truly D-O-A.

On a positive note, who knows where Itagaki will land or what is next project will be.  Perhaps a fresh start and a fresh idea will take Itagaki to new gaming heights, perhaps he will even end up at Microsoft…one never knows.  I am sure many of us will be watching to see where this ninja lands.




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3 Responses to Itagaki: Team Ninja No More

  1. Aaron says:

    Sad indeed

  2. I says:

    I have no idea what’s going to happen with all this…it is sad.

  3. cok-toe says:

    Fear not! DOA is a really good series,but aside from adding online play and having better graphics,the series has been on auto-pilot since 1998.I think the rest of Team-Ninja could put out DOA 5 without Itagaki and nobody would be able to tell the difference.Seriously.Oh,and the addition of high and low reversals in DOA2 was an important addition to the series,but again,since the release of DOA in 1998 it has all been the same.It is like if the producer of Madden suddenly left.The dev team would be OK because really,the template is already there.And even though it is not an annual event like Madden,it follows the same dev pattern,that is,a good game with little to no difference than the one that preceded it.DOA is a alive as Tecmo wants it to be.

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