Halo Highlight Reel: Legendary Brawl Edition

MonMowMongoose Mowdown:
Splattered an enemy with the mongoose in a ranked free for all playlist

Gamerscore: 5    Acquired 1/6/2008

This weekend (well Sunday anyway) I played several hours of the latest edition of the ‘Double XP Weekend’ playlist, Legendary Brawl.  LB is essentially Rumble Pit (everyone for themselves), so I had a lot of highs and lows throughout, though was able to snag a couple of 1st place finishes out of it all.  As this weekend’s games were Ranked, I was able to score another achievement.  If you would like to see my Mongoose Mowdown in all its glory it is available for download by clicking this LINK.


As wrote about in an earlier blog, a Xbox Live friend of mine by the Gamertag of Devastator was featured in a recent comedic short entitled Halo 3 Homicide Detective.  Think CSI meets Halo 3 multiplayer.  Devastator played the part of the Spartan whose recent death remains a mystery.  Very well done and very funny, kudos to the creators for thinking outside the box!  Check it out by following this LINK.

That is all for this edition of the Highlight Reel.  See you next time!




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