Condemned 2 Made My Eyes Bloodshot!


  As I mentioned previously, I finally remembered that I owned Condemned 2: Bloodshot.  So Friday night around midnight (perfect timing, right) I decided to start my adventure.  I strategically kept one of the lights on to hopefully ease some of he tension.  With that done I was off to the races.

What I loved most about the first Condemned is so far alive and well in the sequel, the realistic creepy environments!  As I was wondering through the first couple of buildings I felt as though this could be a place in my own city that I could actually be walking through.  That immersion is a good reason why you keep one light on.  Before I could complete the first level I decided to quit for the evening because the tension and my tiredness were not creating a good mix.  But my Condemned night did not end there…

I decided to dabble a little with the multi-player and maybe score an achievement or two.  The good news is that I met this cool dude from Germany who worked with me to score plenty of cool achievements.  The bad news was that I was up till the wee hours of the morning, exhausted, playing this creepy game.  It starts to take a toll on the mind.

All in all I had a great time, I am sure the next couple of weeks will see me well on my way through the game.  A little bloodshot eyes never hurt anyone.




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1 Response to Condemned 2 Made My Eyes Bloodshot!

  1. I says:

    Ah the days (or nights rather) of staying up all night to play games…I guess I’ll get some form of that back once the baby is born…

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