Side Quests: Bioshock and More


I have once again started my next play-through of Bioshock.  I left a few achievements on the table the last time through so I wanted to go back and gather them up.  Also, I wanted to go through again and absorb the atmosphere, take the time to have a second look of the environment around me.  So far I have discovered a few things that I had not or could not have noticed the first time through.  One of the showcase titles on 360, it is great to once again enter Rapture!


A couple of months back I announced Viva Pinata as one of my ‘Side Quest’ games.  I did manage to get some play and a couple more achievements, but have failed to return.  With the announcement on the next VP game I have a renewed interest in the original.  I am looking to get back to my garden very soon.


On a related SQ note I also have to co-op missions running in Gears of War.  One on Hardcore as Marcus, and one on insane as Dom.  I have played through GoW several times and I am still seeing new things.  Gears is far and away the most enjoyable co-op game I have played.  While not the biggest adventure, the gameplay kicks ass in so many ways.  This is a good way to get me primed for Gears 2.



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3 Responses to Side Quests: Bioshock and More

  1. Aaron says:

    not a single mention…WTF

  2. Miguel says:

    Let me know when you go hunting again on GOW, I still need to do the co-ops.

  3. Miguel says:

    Yes I had played some co-op. (Vip is ashamed)

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