Halo Highlight Reel: Grifball Edition


Last night I had the pleasure of playing Grifball for the first time.  Grifball is a game variant built with the Forge tools that could best be described as ‘rugby for the future’.  It is actually quite amazing how a sports game was developed within the Halo universe with the tools provided by the devs.  I played several games last night and I think I faired pretty well for a noob.  I love Bungie’s ‘Double XP’ weekends as not only can you earn more XP, but you can take part in game variants you may not get to play on a regular basis.  I think if my friends still played Halo 3 (or owned it in some cases), that they would really enjoy Grifball.




Kill 5 opponents within 4 seconds of the previous kill

While playing Grifball last night I was able to chalk up a Killtacular! medal.  You can really rack up the kills in this game type.  Swing hammer, swing!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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