Forza Motorsport 2 Report: Level 40


Level 40 Reach Level 40 in Career mode

Gamerscore = 40   Acquired 18/5/2008

A couple of months ago when I rededicated myself to Forza 2, probably one of the milestones that I looked forward to was Level 40, and today I finally made it there!  Now that I have attained that level I will be able to access more achievements in the game and level up even faster.  Just today I was able to also earn the All Gold (Semi-Pro Events) Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Semi-Pro Race Type achievement that was worth another another cool 35 points.


Hot Car:  When the March Car Pack came out I purchased it to enter a online competition with the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR, I tweaked it out and before I knew it I had a kick-ass car!  Today I ran two laps around the Nürburgring and did it ever fly.  I took the time to add my own style and decals as you can see in the above picture.  This to date is my favourite car in my stable!

Forza 2 One Year Anniversary:  Reading this weekend at I discovered  the The FM2 First Anniversary Celebration: Week of May 26th – 30th 2008. Turn10 plans a lot of interesting and fun events for the 1 year anniversary.  Read all about it HERE.

Maple Valley Raceway – The Last Corner:  Race after race, track after track, my favourite stretch of road lies on the last segment of raceway to the last corner and on to the finish.favecorner1   I took a couple of pictures from a race I took part in today in order to have a visual representation for my description.  the last several hundred meters features a long downhill run through a beautiful forest of trees that a coloured for the fall season.  As pretty as it is you are likely not going to be able to enjoy it because as you are running down this stretch of road you will be picking up speed fast careening to the last corner.   As you face this last corner you will let off the gas ever so Favecorner2slightly and keep as tight as you can to the rumble strips on your right hand side because you will need the space as you blast through to the next rumble strip on the left hand side.  keep on the gas and do not be afraid to ride the rumble strip.  If all goes well (and it should) you should be hitting the finish line and full speed.  As far as corners in racing go, it does not get more fun then this!




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    Your middle-aged now ………..

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