Microsoft Gamers Day: The Quick and Dirty Edition

A shit-flood of gaming news has been hitting the Internet shores the last couple of days as Microsoft has lifted the veil of their upcoming lineup of games for 2008.  Lets not waste much time, lets get straight to it!

f2_graveyard_1280 Fable 2

Mini map is dead. Peter hates it. So he made a "bread crump trail". Which is a golden line on the ground that will tell you which direction to go. It works kinda like a GPS system, so it will change if you go another direction, and will guide you in the right direction.
Magic system: You can either do a focused on one person attack, or a ranged attack. You can build up your attack in five levels. These five levels can be combined, so you can have level 1 be a fire spell, and then it builds up and adds level 2, which can be a slow spell, and so on. There will be 8 different spells in the game. You can buy every single house in the game. Each house will unlock something new, either a side-quest, item or a skill. The game is 20-30 times larger then Fable 1.  The weather is completely dynamic, and will change as time progress.  There will be different seasons.  Fable 2 is due out this fall!


Banjo Kazooie 3: Nuts & Bolts

– RARE says they didn’t want to make a hi res version of the old Banjo platformer.
– You create vehicles with parts you find around the levels.
– GI says their first vehicles was a 4 wheeled kart with a spring attached to the bottom that allowed them to jump things. They later found a helicopter blade that allowed their kart to fly. Later they added balloons to the vehicle and put the blade on the back and created a hovercraft.
– RARE showed them a vehicle that was a monster truck that was able to detach its chasis to become a mini bike. When the bike ramped off a cliff it revealed collapsible glider wings and started flying.
– There will be 1,600 parts including weapons that you’ll be able to attach to the vehicles.
– The town is called Showdown Town.
– GI says that despite the large focus on vehicles it still features platform elements from the previous games like traditional platforming, tight rope walking and jiggy piece collecting.
– Showdown Town is 16 times larger than anything RARE has created before.
– Every level has a different intro. Nutty Acres begins with a credits spoof of 80’s soap opera’s like Dallas.
– Note collecting is back and will act has currency that’ll allow you to buy vehicle blueprints.
– RARE says there are 15 different challenges spread across 6 different levels. There will also be side missions.


Viva Piñata 2: Trouble in Paradise

– Improved interactivity between the piñata’s and the environments.
– Piñata’s will mimic each others action and follow the leader around the garden.
– They’ll be adding toys for the piñata to play with like musical instruments, spaced themed toys, and trains that the piñata’s’ will ride around the garden.
– 30 new piñata.
– 2 new sub areas called Pinarctic and Dessert that’ll allow you to travel to new locations and lay traps for the piñata.
– A photo mode will allow you to upload pictures to the website.
– A drop in and drop out co op mode.
– Improved UI.

Other Notables:

It is shaping up to be a busy year, Banjo Kazooie and Viva Piñata are emerging out of nowhere as must plays and I will be playing Too Human this summer!  Now just need money and time!



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