Pinball FX Gets Rocky and Bullwinkle Board


randb It is good to see continued support well after the release of a game.  Most games are released, soon receive a quick update, then the devs are on to the next project.  Pinball FX is one of the great casual titles available in the Arcade and is also one hell of a pinball simulator.  PFX also sports multi-player and camera support for both communication and control, so it is quite the unique beast.  So we have the great game, but we also have seen continned support from Zen Studios by the addition of new content in the form of new playable boards.

This week, 200 points will buy you a Rocky and Bullwinkle themed board.  Unfortunatly, due to issues with Xbox LIVE this evening I have been unable to try out the new board.  Soon as I am able I will buy it and give it a spin.




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One Response to Pinball FX Gets Rocky and Bullwinkle Board

  1. Aaron says:

    I hope Rocky shoots Bullwinkle in the head….. then turns the gun on himself. Enjoy the new table though :)

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