Mass Effect: Bring Down The Sky

MEbdts Colonial Savior
You completed the Bring Down the Sky


I finally got the oppotunity to play the Mass Effect downloadable content entitled "Bring Down the Sky".  The mission took me a good couple of hours (I tend to be a little slow, what with the exploring and all) and while the away missions that I have played so far in ME tend to be pretty simple and repetative, this one was not to bad for side mission.

While some might say that 400 billy bucks is steep for what is a two-hour experience, I would say it is cheaper and longer than movie rental and when completed you get the swanky achievement as seen above.

I wonder how many episodes we will see for this game.  I am already 25 hours in and there is no end in sight!  Just so long as I am finished before Fallout 3 and Fable 2 come out.




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2 Responses to Mass Effect: Bring Down The Sky

  1. Aaron says:

    for the love of GOD man hurry up will ya

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

    assuming the others will also be 50 GS, there will be atleast four more since you can add another 250 per game. I have no problem with the price point.

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